I think I've exhausted every other route, so let's see if the forums can
provide some light.

6 node OES2 SP1 (SLES 10 SP2) cluster. Used to be a NetWare 6.5 cluster and
worked a treat. IBM DS series storage with hosts attached with 2 QLogic
QLE2460 HBAs.

The servers have been built with the QLogic HBA driver (qlaxxx) and IBM RDAC
driver and configured as per both the readme files and IBM Redbooks.

The host types on the storage have been set as LNXCLVMWARE (the recommended
setting for a Linux cluster) and as a results AVT disabled.

When both paths to the storage are enabled, we have a very unreliable
cluster. We are experiencing 'LUN bouncing' where the LUNs are moving back
and forth from controller A to B and back again continually.

If we re-zone the SAN fabric so that each host only has one path to the
storage, then everything works fine, which makes me think it's a config
issue somwhere between the hardware (storage or HBA), QLogic driver or RDAC

Anyone else manage to get SLES working with IBM fibre attached storage?