Silly question probably, I thought it did? A reseller has told me
The reason for the question, we are a Novell GroupWise 8 and NetWare 6.5
business. We have Windows servers out of necessity because of the various
apps we need to run. We are not under maintenance for NetWare, so a move to
OES2 would cost us significant sums of money.
Moving to Microsoft servers (ie ditching end of life NetWare) is possibly
going to become unavoidable, but I do not want to ditch GroupWise.

So... Assuming the only NetWare/eDir box left here would be the GroupWise
box, could I scrap that too and run GroupWise on Windows servers? If so, how
is GroupWise managed? And do it's objects then live in Active Directory? Or
do you still need to maintain eDir, does it have to be installed onto

Right now, our 'friendly' resellers are more than willing to give me all the
answers I need, but in exchange for a migration plan at a significant cost.
Quite frankly, I would much rather know what's involved and find my answers
from people in the know (ie you guys!), at no cost, before making any

Anyone faced the same, and have any comments for me?


P.S. I am not anti-Novell, and if OES would be a reasonable cost I would
look at it, but the fact we already own Microsoft server licenses and CALS
means a MS migration would cost nearly nothing!