We have a multiple-tree environment (corporate, LDAP and ID Vault).
Help desk personnel typically log into both the corporate and vault
trees and use ConsoleOne to check IDM associations, among other things.
They're complaining that sporadically, when they click on the
organization object in the ID vault, it takes a very long time to
display the contents. I can reproduce this on my own PC -- sometimes it
takes five minutes before the hourglass disappears. When I click on the
"O" object in the corporate or LDAP trees, the delay is only a few

eDirectory is healthy, as far as I can tell. The ID vault is a mixed
tree -- two 8.8.5 patch 3 servers and one server which is the
IDM engine and holds the master partition replicas. DS is in sync.
Time is in sync. SLP looks fine.

Any ideas what else I should be looking at?