OK, here is the scenario. I have a Windows 2008 server used as a
terminal server. Each user has a local account, no AD. When I
implemented this server I installed the Vista client version 1, so when
a user uses RDP they can get their drives, etc... In the eDir side of
things we force periodic password changes. Since we do not have AD, nor
an sort of eDir/AD integration, I have no way of syncing passwords
automatically. So when a users password expires on the eDir side, I
would have the user manually change their password for their account on
the TS box to match. We used to do this by hitting ctrl+alt+end. This is
now broken in the Vista/win7 client version 2 and v2 sp1. When I hit
ctrl+del+end, I get the change password button. I click that and now
there is no dialog to change the users local password, this used to work
in client v1. I removed the Netware client it then worked. This has
become a major issue for my remote users in far off states and
countries. Any ideas how to fix this besides going back to the v1 client?

Thanks, Mr. Beer