Haven't every done this before so not sure how. Here is what I need.
We will have 13 PCs (each assigned a static IP [required]) on our
intranet (one at our HQ and one at each of our 12 District offices).
We will be using the VPN client to connect to a VPN server inside our
intranet that will give those PCs access to a controlled application
outside of our network on a dedicated WAN Link (the Public side of the
VPN Server).

We want limited all traffic from those PCs to the VPN tunnel when
connected to the VPN server. Further, each PC must be NATed to a
designated PUBLIC IP when connected to the VPN tunnel. The Server's
"Public" IP will be and the router it is connected to
will be

So how and where do I tell the VPN server to see the IP of the PC and
assign it a specific "Public" IP address?