Workstation is imaged with "base" Windows XP image -- no apps installed, only OS
ZENworks Adaptive Agent is installed after Sysprep
Workstation comes up for first time and starts to install bundles assigned to it:

Bundle Group A (Common to all workstations) ==> (A1) (A2) (A3) (A4) (A5) (A6) (A7)
Bundle Group B (Unique to building workstations) ==> (B1) (B2) (B3)
Bundle Group C (Unique to lab workstations) ==> (C1) (C2) (C3) (C4) (C5)
Bundle Group D (Restart Computer or install DeepFreeze) ==> (D1*) or (D2*)

* Requires restart -- want to post-pone this until all bundles are installed.

Bundle Group A is associated to the root Workstations folder
Bundle Groups B and C are associated to a sub-folder under Workstations. Each sub-folder under Workstations may have a different bundle group associated to it or none at all. The order these bundle groups are installed is controlled by ZENworks -- sometimes C may go before B or A.


Is there some way to check on the workstation against associated bundles to verify they've all been installed either by comparing the individual bundles or the bundle groups (preferred)?

I know the "zac bl" command will show me all bundles associated but it will not show if they are installed or not. Even with "zac bp <bundle name>" it doesn't say whether the bundle was installed or not. There are no registry values to check against. The best I've come up with is the ZENworks Agent cache folder but the filenames are random.

I'm trying to automate bundle deployment while at the same time allowing the bundle groups (A - C) to be easily associated or un-associated without major re-working or changing the requirements for Bundle Group D (dynamic). I was able to accomplish something like this with ZENworks 7 with a series of App Dependencies but any time I had to make a change, it was a nightmare and the scripts involved to automate it weren't easily scaleable. I could do the same in ZENworks 10 (Dynamic Bundle with "Install bundle" actions) but I'm trying to get away from that nightmare. :)

I would like to come up with a requirement for the bundles in Bundle Group D to wait until all bundles in the previous bundle groups are all installed. ZCM handles bundle groups A - C flawlessly every time. The problem is the workstation has to restart at some point (preferably at the end either by restarting or installing DeepFreeze).

I've tried "markers" that are installed when the bundle group completes, but there is nothing to check those "markers" against. The # of "markers" may change because a device may not get a Bundle Group B or C.

If I have to submit an enhancement request, fine. But I was wondering if anyone's tried something like this or may know a super-secret ZCM command. :)