Having issues with adding new BB users /address books on BES with GW7 client.
(Our GW server is GW8SP1HP1 on NW6.5SP8 with eDir 8.85)

I followed "Solving Trusted Key Issues with BB Server and ConsoleOne[" Cool Solution about generating a new Trusted App but the generated key will not paste into server's key field on BES because it is not the correct format.

So I found a few docs showing how the key is based on the RIM BES Trusted App GUID and where to find it in ConsoleOne (Tools, GW Diags, Record Enumerations, select Trusted Apps by name then Info. ).However,it seems there is no GUID to be found. I also did a search by GUID under the Record Enumerations and eventually found an object with an empty GUID that showed the RIM BES info. So it appears my system isn't creating a usable GUID for this object.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get a usable key?