I manage machines on several sub-nets. New machines typically arrive in
my office, i configure them, then move them out to their new locations -
in different subnets = new IP addresses from the one originally set when
the macine first registered.

We also use an open DHCP pool in our local subnet and until I get things
locked down on new machines they are part of this open pool, meaning
they will get ne IP addresses from time to time until i get my posterior
in gear and get them registered in the static parts of the range.
Although we can do ti we typically don't register every workstation in
DNS. Our workstations are behind building firewallswith needed ports
only open between building. All workstations are closed to the outside
world and I would just as soon not have a script be able to gather a
list of my workstation names from DNS

I have noticed that all of these machines with non-static addresses show
the "cannot connect" error when looking at the workstation details in
ZCC. Without setting DNS entries for all of these systems is there any
way to force ZCM to use the most recently registered IP address of the
workstation as the first means for contact from the primary server to
the workstation?