Running C:\temp\zsm7\patch\utils\checkpolydistfiles.bat after updating ZSMSP1 IR4 to IR4HP1, IR4HP2 or IR4HP3 on Windows 2003 with ZSM7SP1IR4_HPX_PolyDist.cpk I get the following errors in CPDF.log...

C:\zenworks\PDS\ted\TEDLib.jar is WRONG, source file is newer than destination file.
Source File Date: 2009/10/16 03:47:28 PM Destination File Date: 2009/10/16 02:47:28 PM

(yes I have noticed that there is exactly one hour difference)

The same upgrade on Netware works perfect i.e.

DATA:\zenworks\PDS\ted\TEDLib.jar is CORRECT (for all files)

A Netware/Windows comparison show that all files have the exact same size and date.

Both servers share the same time, timezone and DST configuration and external time source.

The Windows CPDF.log shows 9 WRONG files and 11 CORRECT files

Has anyone else come across this problem?