I finally bit the bullet and called support. Oh, how my pride

We went through the usual diagnostic exercise and as I usual knew more
about my topic then the support engineer, but he did give me a fresh
perspective and that was what it took.

The tech had me try using forward proxy on the server which didn't
work at all. So the answer was that there's a problem with the installation
and the DSobject in particular. I ran the BM3RMV3 NLM and reconfigured. It
works as advertised now.

Thanks for the help Craig.

Rob Aronson, President
Perfect Networks, Inc.
Hollywod, CA USA
Using GroupWise is the only way to get the message!

>>> Craig Johnson<craigsj@ix.netcom.com> 02/18/03 09:26PM >>>

If you want to use proxy authentication, you need to enable
authentication in the reverse proxy and have proxy authentication
required. Enabling authentication in the proxy causes it to use
rules as well as proxy authentication.

SSL Proxy Authentication can work on ports other than 443 without a

problem. I generally use 444 if I need to change it.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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