When trying to do an LDAP synchronisation in Teaming I get the following error:

'The following error occurred during the LDAP synchronization:
java.naming.provider.url property does not contain a URL'

It is synchronising against Windows 2003 Active Directory. I have used 'Softerra LDAP Browser' to ensure that all my configuration details are correct.

I have configured the following:

LDAP server URL: ldap://dc1.domain.com:3268
User DN: CN=Teaming Novell,OU=Novell Teaming,OU=Novell,DC=domain,DC=com
Password: ***********

LDAP Attribute That Identifies the User: mail
internal identifiers to the LDAP:

Base DN: OU=IT,OU=DomainUsers,dc=domain,dc=com
Filter: (|(objectClass=Person)(objectClass=orgPerson)(obje ctClass=inetOrgPerson))

ticked: Synchronize User Profiles
ticked: Register LDAP User Profiles Automatically

Local user accounts:
ticked: Allow Login for Local User Accounts, (i.e., user accounts not in LDAP)

I choose 'Run immediately' to do the synchronisation

If anyone can see anything wrong I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction.