I'm about to migrate GW801 on Netware to GW801 on Linux, OES2.

Is about to set up the dbcopy, first pass job.

I get a little confused, reading in differnt locations about dbcopy...

First, can I run dbcopy on the whole system, eg
nwserver/volume/gwsystem/... (where both domains and po:s residre) to
Or du I have to do the domains and po:s separatly?
There are switches, -d for domains and -p for postoffices. Do you have
to use them, or can I just do dbcopy -m -f source destination?
And in that case, what is the -d and -p good for?

And shall I use -f for first run and the -s for the final run, or
shall I use -i <date> the second time?

And somewhere, -k is in some example... Do I need to use it and why?

Thanks in advance.