Hi there,

With zen4.1 i use dlu in combination with roaming non volatile user profiles and i redirect the complete userprofile shellfolders to a novell file share. Client side i have xp sp3, client 4.91 sp3. This works perfectly.

Now i installed zcm10 and migrated this gpo. with the new client 4.91 sp5 and the zcm agent sp2 i have a problem. all redirections work but the "local settings" and the "local appdata" have a problem. Nalwin doesn't shudown properly caused by the "local settings" redirection.

With the "local appdata" redirection the first login works but after log off or restart the roaming user can't login untill i remove the ntuser.dat from the share. localy the user and profile do not exist after logout or restart.

Does anybody now how to solve this problem. something with casa settings to userprofile?