I have a interesting situation. Maybe someone can lend some insight.
I admin the network for a large city school system. The school
upgraded their internet access from 6 T-1's to a DS3 (!) to alleviatespeed/performance issues.

On this network we have a BM server at each site for local school
and each of these servers are pointing to two BM servers at the
office location for redundancy. The two "master" ICP parents are
running on
"older" hardware, and the disk drives and array controllers are the
bottlenecks in the system. Is there a way to effectively disable disk

caching, and just make these two upstream servers pass data as quickly
possible, and let the caching be done at the schools?

Some things to keep in mind:
1.) We're only getting 22% cache hits on the two upstream servers, so
is not a concern.
2.) I tried the obvious steps of removing all the cache volumes and/or

changing the number of directories to "0" The NWAdmin snapins don't
that :-)