Running NW65SP7.
We would like to move our USER home directories from one NSS volume to
another NSS volume on the same server. We have used the 3rd party NWCOPY
utility in the past for large inter/intra server file copies and it seems to
work good. Since NWCOPY allows us to pre-copy the data in smaller chunks at
a convenient time and then do a smaller delta/synch copy when the final
cutover is planned, we likely plan on using this utility in combination with
some other utilities like HOMES to change the eDir home directory attributes
and file rights.

Just wanted to get some input from anyone else who has done large file
copies between volumes as to what tools you found worked best. We were also
considering using the Novell Server Consolidation tool. Things important to
us are copy speed/reliability, open file/error logging and ease of use.

Any other suggestions other than NWCOPY? Thx