I am working in a completely windows environment using ZCM 10.2.2

What I want is an image that I can deploy to my machines of a particular model and have them named according to the BIOS Asset Tag and be joined to the domain with that same name. I would prefer not to have to remove the machine from either ZCM or Active Directory before imaging.

I have an image that works in the following way:

The ZCM Agent is installed in the image. Using the solution I found here:
ZCM Imaging - Installing the ZEN Adaptive Agent in the image | Novell User Communities (although I have not implemented the scripts (i was hoping to not have to do that).

After imaging upon the SECOND re-boot of the system the ZCM Agent re-names the computer appropriately (from the BIOS Asset Tag or image safe data - not sure which - but it works) but the machine is not correctly joined to the domain (I assume that is because the SID is different than the one that Active Directory has).

Netdom will not JOIN the computer to the domain because it already exists, Nor will netdom RESET the security connection (don't know why - probably SID's again).

I would really prefer to not have to use scripts to do something that ZCM is supposed to do already.

Any help would be appreciated.