Migrating very old hardware running a NetWare 6.5 cluster to OES2SP2-SLES on vSphere.

The 6.5 boxes are SP6. All volumes are filled to capacity. The servers are production hosts and applying SP7 or SP8 is not possible due to space issues as well as concerns of the client about the stability of the hosts in general.

Need to get this data to SLES bases NCP/NSS volumes. Cannot use miggui because SP7 is a minimum requirement. (miggui cannot see the cluster volumes. NTS says that it will work with SP8, but we just cannot go there.)

Since we're talking about a pretty simple NSS data migration, I turned to old tried and true "SCMT". Here's the problem...

"RPM 'novell-sms.rpm' on the destination server needs updating. You have version '1.1.7-0.10'. You need version '1.1.4-6'."

Obviously I don't want to downgrade 'novell-sms.rpm' to 1.1.4-6 from the installed version of 1.1.7-0.10... Any thoughts?