NW5.1, SP5
BM 3.6, sp2a and C02
Proxy enabled for HTTP and FTP

I'm having trouble downloading from Novell's download site. Though I

have adjusted the browsers (Mozilla and IE 6) to allow cookies, and
though http proxy on BM 3.6 is not set to filter cookies, and though I've disabled the ACLs to ensure that none are blocking the downloads,
continue to get stuck at the "Novell Downloads" web page (where one is

instructed to configure one's browser). The eLogin, authentication
only ocassionally appears, but even when it does, it still "sticks" on

the "Novell Downloads" web page.

Other info:
Caching is not enabled for the "novell.com" domain.

I am able to download from other sites, such as Epson's or HP's.

No glaring error messages in the common.log (at least not glaring to
semi-trained eyes)

Has anyone else experienced this?