I`ve face some troubles during software distribution of the latest 801HP client at a couple of customer`s location.

After the SDD is configured the users got the message:
there is a newer version of groupwise client available, but cannot install. please contact your administrator.
Or something similiar.

But if we install first the /client/win32/vcredist_x86.exe file on the client machines, and then run the groupwise client, the proper message pops up:
there is a new version available, do you want to install? you got x grace logins.

Rights are proper (as far as I know) as the client can run the vcredist_x86.exe from the server, so reading and executing content from the SDD is possible on the clients.

The really strange thing is that it is not happening all the time. I haven`t seen it on Linux groupwise servers, and, let`s say, every 2nd NetWare server.

Any tip, idea greatly appreciated, as with this the whole software distribution is a pain.