i test Backup with HP Dataprotector 6.0 and latest OES2SP2.

Anybody out there who have this configuration too?

I wonder is there a Way to speed up the "precalculation" in HPDP?
It looks that HPDP look first for all Files and calculate the
Backupsize/Volume and this seems to take forever (HPDP Abort the
Backupjob after 8200 Seconds (On a 260GB User Volume) !

Here are a snip of the Log

[Major] From: BSM@tkh-backup "Test" Time: 26.02.2010 16:16:04
[61:1002] The BMA named "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_tkh-backup" on host
reached its inactivity timeout of 8400 seconds.
The agent on host will be shutdown.

My first intention is to enhance Timeout Value, but something is really
slow on this.

Any hints Welcome before i have to place some Calls.