The existing system is GroupWise 7; MTA, POA, Web, GWIA all on one NetWare box. We'd rather avoid touching the old server or making any changes.

We're deploying GroupWise 8 on OES-SLES. We plan to build a new secondary domain and several post offices on at least three OES-SLES boxes and move the users to the GroupWise 8 POs

My understanding is that I cannot add a secondary GroupWise 8 domain until I update the MTA on the NetWare box. Is this actually the case?

Is there anyway to add a GroupWise 8 secondary domain without updating the existing MTA?

Another "correct me if I'm wrong" question... If I update the MTA on the NetWare 6.5 box, we don't HAVE TO update the POA?

Thanks for your input...