Hi Guys,

Sometimes our users are getting the "mailbox is unavailable" error when trying to login or to open a proxy user, if they try again it all works fine.

When it happens the following line appears in the webacc agent log, it's the same line regardless of f been a user login or swapping to a proxy user.
Login failed: User mmo GroupWise login rejected (8910)
In the application log for a failed attempt login attempt the following appears
19:33:15, <GWAP>, -, WARN, mmo.staff.podomain, Login failed ( Engine error (8910)
and for a proxy user
20:00:38, <GWAP>, -, WARN, mmo.staff.podomain, Login failed ( Engine error (User.proxyId)
Looking up that error code I find 8910 TCP/IP read failed on an established connection but I can't work out why it would be occurring. Anyone seen anything like this before? All components are running on OES2 SP2 boxes, the application runs on the webserver cluster and all other groupwise components run on their own cluster. Groupwise version is 8.0.1 and logging is currently set to verbose.