2 years ago we moved a server to a new location and assigned it a new IP number. Later, iManager couldn't be accessed. Now I'm trying to get it fixed.

The procedure used to change the ip number at the time seemed to work correctly. But now when I run pkidiag it shows the old IP number. Pkidiag will let me change it to the new number but the change does not persist after pkidiag is closed.

I looked at the procedure for changing the IP number again to see what was missed, but I'm unable to load NORM (perhaps because its still on the old IP number?)

I rebooted the server; used pkidiag to reset the IP number and was able to access iManager to re-install the licenses. But the server is still confused about its number and I need to get this fixed.

This is a single server in a stand-alone tree. The IP number change was significant, from, to 172.xx.xx.8

Any help would be appreciated.