Over the past year we have been introduing Win2K Pro SP2 as the client
on many of our workstations. On all of these machines, browser based
downloads through the HTTP proxy are extremely slow, to the point of
really working at all. Downloads start out at a normal rate, then
gradually slow down until they just stop and must be aborted.
the download process usually gets a bit further along in the file.
Repeating it several times, as in 10-15, might finally result in a
sucessfully downloaded file.

This problem is never exhibited on our Win95 and NT4 workstations.
downloads on these clients are blazingly fast.

The problem existed in our NW 5.0/BM 2.5 EE installation, and it still

exists now that we are on NW 5.1 SP5 and BM 3.7 SP1.

We are steadily migrating to an all Win2K client environment, and this

problem is becoming crippling. Does anyone have any ideas?