I've installed the latest and greatest BM 3.7 and I'm very happy with
However, I'm having a problem with the server abending at least once a
with the following error:

2-28-2003 3:32:14 pm: PROXY-3.71-8
Novell Proxy encountered a fatal error: TCPPacketReceived found waiting request which was already scheduled

Does anybody know what it could be?

A bit about our users and our configuration:
~3000 users
NW 6 with SPACK 6.0.2 v2.0 Support Pack for NetWare 6.0
BM37SP 3.7.1 BorderManager 3.7 Support Pack 1
BRDRMGR 3.7.0 Novell BorderManager 3.7.0
Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY35_03DEC2K2
Unit is used only for its proxy services (no NATing, no IPFilter, etc)

CPFilter is used to control what sites our users go to
Unit hs 2 gigs of mem and about 40 Gigs (in four volumes) for cachingThe number of hot nodes was changed to 50000 in the BM administration