Can you change all primary servers and not redistribute a new client
to the existing workstations?

I have a small problem with 2 Primary Servers in a 10.2 system.
They run Windows 2003, and should be moved to SLES due to licensing
issues. They use an external Sybase OEM ASA database.

So my first thought was to back up the system through ZMAN (server
backup + certificate), delete the servers one at a time, and then
restore on the new SLES platform.
Although, in theory, this was a viable idea, it was not supported,
sadly. You can use this trick to get on newer versions of the same OS,
not cross OS.

So - I have 2 primary servers ZCMPS01 and ZCMPS02.
Now I have to install a new ZCMPS04, move all services to ZCMPS01 and
take down ZCMPS02.
Then I move all services to ZCMPS04, and take down ZCMPS01. Then
install a new ZCMPS03 and distribute services as they were.

Tiresome work, but it should work. I end up with ZCMPS03 and ZCMPS04.
But what will the existing clients think about all this?
I have a certificate, where none of the existing servers are present,
and they don't have any reference to the new servers, as they both
have new IP adresses.

How do i go about this? Should all clients be re-installed (there are

Has anyone tried this?

Allan Clausen