I hope this is a correct place to post this question.

I have a oes running on sles 10 sp 2 srvr. The organization that I work for has contracted with a webdevloper to author a new site. The developer needs to have Unify running from the public folder to be able to edit on the fly. Under the current configuration it will not operate.

From the Unify support site it is recommend to either give the user all permissions (777) which is asking for trouble.

From what little I know I can see that Unify runs within the root of the website directory and needs to be able to write to files within the directory. Since I am new to linux I need help understanding how I get a app permissions to edit inside the directory without giving everyone else permission to do so.

The set up is that the web developer has permissions to the root folder (set to 7) but apparently the app needs some permissions to. Suggestions?