I've got an NSS pool/volume on OES2 SP1 linux (fully patched)

Sometime a few days ago things started going haywire.

If I load GroupWise on the server (it accesses the "problem" pool) within a minute, the entire server will hang/lock up. You literally cannot do anything with it unless you shut it off and turn it back on.

The volume mounts fine.

As does the pool

I tried running a ravsui VERIFY (not a rebuild) on it. It seems to get to the same percentage (like 61.49%) and then it too, hangs the entire server.

Any ideas short of deleting the volume, pool and partition and recreating it and then restoring from backup?

I've never seen anything hang an entire Linux server before like that.

My contact at Novell said that they've seen GW hang a server like this a few times, and in all cases it was a partition issue that caused excessive IO thus hanging the server.

But I have no idea (short of blowing away and re-creating) on how to fix or even verify that's the problem.