Has anyone seen problems with using Proxy and WebDAV?

I was trying this internally and ran into a problem. I am trying to
NetStorage and trying to add a Webfolder in Windows 2000 and if I have
proxy set, I can not connect to the site. If I do not use the proxy,
I can
almost get to the site, Windows is substitiuting http for https,
another problem.

I am using NW6sp2, BM37sp1, Windows 2000sp3 and OfficeXPsp2. I did
it down to OfficeXP and BM. If I go to a machine with no OfficeXP on
it, it
works fine. If I try this on a machine with OfficeXP, it doesn't
work. If
I then disable the proxy settings, it partitally works. I found a TID

(Q289312) on Microsoft's web site that mentions it could be a problem
the proxy server not being DAV compliant.

Any help is appreciated, because I was hoping to reverse proxy my
web service. I would prefer to do this than use FTP.