My problem is: users have found that there's a site they can't access:

www.funds-sp.com. All that happens is a long wait and then a Bad
Timeout 504. However on pc's with direct firewall access to the
this web page opens up fine.

It's a JSP website, the actual URL finally resolves to
sp.com/win/en/Index.jsp when the page opens. There's a pop-up box that

opens first and advises that the site is best viewed with certain
of IExplorer/Netscape. But as I say the problem seems to be with some

function of the Bordermanager proxy, as the same browser can open the
without errors if it doesn't use the proxy.

There's one or two TID's that refer to JSP problems, but not
to Bordermgr, and I can't make much sense of them. We are using BM7, NW5.1, all service packs up to date.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved,

Steve Law