Hello all,

I did a clean install of GMS 3.0.1 on a new SLES 10 SP3 server and set up auth and everything else required in the "Getting Started" docs / install docs for GMS. I can log in fine, see the portal, log into admin tools fine, but no email is available, no contacts, nothing.

My GMS server is attempting to work with a Groupwise 8.0.1 server running HP1 (the release from Jan 2010)

Auth works fine, tested SOAP and it was good, all services are running, I can't find any errors in any logs on either server...

Logging in as a regular user under "Configure Your Email Source"
there is nothing listed.

Any ideas or fixes for this? I'd like to start testing it with some phones but I cant even get it to work for one user...

Thanks all,