Hi everybody,
first of all, I know, that there is no OL2007 Connector for GW availiable.
We are a small GW-Shop in Austria, and 2 new members of the managment are coming from an OL-Company and they are not realy interested in technical arguments for the GW-Client. They want OL2007 and only for a small delay time OL2003. And they were asking, about the costs of migration to exchange, because "everything is much simlplier" after that.

Does anybody have an idea, how to sync a n OL2007 mailbox with a GW8 Server?
Will Datasync-Server do anything in this way ?
Are Utilities availiable to do that ? I look at CompanionLink, but they sync only one addressbook, one calendar and no mails. With IMAP for the mails, I did not get any mail from shared folders....

Thanks for any tip and for helping to save our GW-System.

Regards from Austria