Hi There,

I have the following situation in our school. We have running a Novell 6.5 network with a Zenworks 7 server. This works fine but our boss has decided that we have te go to a Windows environment :-(
Now we are building a Microsoft Domain to do the business that is already running. To keep it manageable we going to use ZCM 10 for Imaging and application distribution and so on. All works fine and we are testing in the Windows environment but I have a problem with imaging. For the new computers I want to make images on the ZCM10 server and not on the ZEN 7 server, but when I hit F12 on the computers (HP) they automatically go to the Zen 7 server. Can anybody tell me what I can do that the new computers make connection with the new image server instead of the old one?
We are migrating in bits so both networks have to keep running for about 4 months.