BM 3.5 running well on NW 5.1 for over two years.

BM used to proxy clients to several MS-SQL database servers, one BM
Generic TCP Proxy (BM operating in Reverse Proxy) defined for each DB

server. Client PC's running W2K and client ODBC Data Source defined
use TCP/IP on Port 1433. Client successfully creates multiple TCP
connections with BM Proxy IP address and client application works
continuously as long as app is being actively used.

Successfully connect client application to database and query some
Leave client application IDLE for approx 30 minutes. At this point,
attempt to use client app produces an "ODBC / SQLSRV / TCP/IP Sockets

Driver" error on the desktop.

Packet Capture Analysis:
Packet Capture performed on client indicates client creates multiple
sessions and a few of these sessions remain open after inital queries
completed processing. After client idle 25 minutes (observed 5 minute

intervals of successful "keep alive ack's" between client and BM), the
server sends a "TCP Reset" to the client at exactly 25 minutes idle
one for each of the 4 noted TCP sessions open, effectively
client from BM Proxy. After this event, GUI Error appears on client desktop when attempting to continue use of app or restart PC. This
25 Minute Disconnect" event occurs for several different client apps
same ODBC Data Source.

Troubleshooting attempts:
1. Connect Client to database server on same IP subnet and bypass BM Proxy - observed client app can remain Idle overnight and continues to

function in the morning - suggests BM is the issue.

2. In NWAdmin, Server Object, BorderManager Setup, Transport:
Increase time settings for:
Connection Keepalive Interval - increase from 5min to 15min
Data Read Timeout - increase to 60 minutes
Idle Server Persistent Connection Timeout - from 30min to 4hrs
Idle Client Persistent Connection Timeout - from 10min to 1hr

Note: BM did not prompt to and was not restarted after these changes.
After BM Transport Setting Changes - Observations:
One noted change - Packet Capture indicates "Connection Keepalive
Interval" took effect, now "ack'ing" keepalives in 15 minute interval

instead of default 5 minute while client app is idle. No other
observed, client continues to receive BM initiated TCP Resets after 25

minutes idle.

Something is over riding the NWAdmin Transport settings and continuing
reset TCP connections after 25 minutes idle.

Is there a "SET" statement available for something like "TCP Timeout"

or "TCP Idle Time Reset" on the server console?

Any assistance most appreciated,