i've a customer who whants to migrate from old single path SAN hardware to new Storage. The new storage is already in place and connected via multipath FC. So far so good.

The cluster is holding three Pools, those pools consist of the following partitions holding 4 Terabytes in total:
NSS - P:0x1A Pool A
NSS - P:0x1C Pool B
NSS - P:0x1D Pool A
NSS - P:0x1F Pool B
NSS - P:0x21 Pool A
NSS - P:0x22 Pool C
NSS - P:0x28 Pool B
NSS - P:0x29 Pool B
NSS - P:0x2A Pool B
NSS - P:0x2B Pool B
NSS - P:0x2C Pool A
NSS - P:0x2D Pool B
NSS - P:0x2E Pool B
NSS - P:0x2F Pool B

Yes, 14 Partitions spread over 2 physical RAIDs and 4 logical drives building 3 Pools. Is there a best practice for mirroring those 14 partitions onto the new SAN? Is it possible at least?

Do i have to recreate the Cluster service partition on the new SAN or is it possible to mirror that one too?

When mirroring is synchronized, how should i proceed? shall i cut off the singlepathed connection to the old SAN and pray?

What would you guys do in that situation?

Any hints appreciated.