Anyone there with Snow Leopard who can help me?

I have a customer with SBS2008 who wants to access server shares from a
couple of new Macs.
However, the instructions that I've been working from appear to fail at a
very basic stage, presumably because they are for an earlier version of

The instructions are listed below. However, in step 5. I can't find
"Directory Access" and I can't find the SMB box anywhere.

Help! ?


Configuring Directory Access
Directory Access is found within the Mac's Utilities directory.
1. Log on to the Macintosh system.
2. Open Finder.
3. Navigate to the Applications directory.
4. Navigate to the Utilities subdirectory.
5. Double-click Directory Access.
6. Click the padlock in Directory Access' lower left corner and enter the
username and password for the local Macintosh system to enable making
changes to the Mac's current Directory Access configuration.
7. Check the SMB box and, while SMB is highlighted, press the Configure
8. Within the Workgroup field, enter the domain name
9. Enter the Windows' server's IP address in the WINS field.
10. Press OK; then press Apply