We have a 6 node OES2 sp1 cluster running GroupWise 8, DNS, and file
services. Cluster volumes are NSS. We are having node stability issues
where nodes just seem to randomly reboot. There is nothing in
/var/log/messages or any other log I can find that points to any issue, just
gaps or new log files while the server restarts. Clustering is solid, for
most of these outages the users don't notice anything. Hardware is HP DL380
G5's attached to an HP EVA 6400 SAN.

I'm thinking about upgrading to OES 2 sp2 as part of troubleshooting. Any
tips on that? Can I roll it out to my nodes over a period of time, say 1 -2

Any other ideas?

Todd Bowman
Senior IS Professional
University of Minnesota Physicians