I'm trying to experiment with clustering to figure out a new setup for our
core servers.
I created 2 identical vmwares (each having 2 disks) and installed a new
server in a new tree on the first with clusterservices. It created an SBD
partition on the 2nd disk and came up just fine.
When installing the 2nd server into the tree and trying to add the node to
the cluster it complained at first about not having a shared disk and then
it just failed to add to the cluster.

I can't get it to see the 2nd disk to create an SBD partition on it.
We've never used clustering so I'm probably forgetting something but I cant
seem to figure out what. The NetWare Segment Manager which should supposedly
be in the evmsgui according to the ncs documentation is also not there.

Both servers are Sles10Sp2 with OES2sp1 which have not been activated
because they're on a sealed off bit of test network.

On a global picture note, what I'm trying to acomplish is a 2 server
failover/loadbalancing setup with mostly just file sharing, but we do not
(yet) have a SAN/NAS to have 'real' shared dedicated storage.
Is it actually possible to have this kind of 2 mirrored server cluster setup
with no dedicated external storage ?

If not, I can just trash the whole cluster idea :-)