Hey all,

I'm pretty close to successfully doing this, but have run into a hitch.

I followed the instructions here (or somewhat close to that) Cool Solutions: ZENworks 7 Imaging from USB drives using EXT2 partitions

USB key boots, I can mount my ext2 volume & browse to my image, but when I try to run it, I get the error "Error: No eligible partitions to receive image."

I then alt-x out, fdisk-l & indeed, the NTFS partition I had created is gone. I'm creating the NTFS partition just through the GUI (/dev/sdb1 as my usb drive takes up /dev/sda1 for zenboot & /dev/sda2 for where the image file is at).

So, I don't really know why zen is nuking the ntfs partition before it starts to place the image onto the computer.

Is there a way to force zen to image to /dev/sdb1 (the ntfs partition) as opposed going through the GUI?