I work for a rural school board in Ontario. I have a test server that I've setup with SLES 10 sp2 - 32 bit version. I did the online updates and restarted the server a few times. Did the installation per the "OES 2 SP2: Lab Guide for Linux..." pdf file (without installing OES2 at the same time).

Trying to install OES2sp2, and I'm getting "dependency conflicts". Not sure what to do. An example of one of the conflict messages:

Novell-migration-afp-2.01-0.5.i586[Novell OeS2 sp2] cannot be installed. There are no installable providers of novell.afptcpd for Novell-migration-afp-2.0.1-0.5.i586.
- do not install
- ingore this requirement just here


I am new to linux and oes. I've worked with NetWare for years, but I (we) realize we have to update.

Help please.