Current GW system is NW6.5 SP10 running GW 8.01 HP1. I am using Reload 3.1 with the latest build to backup my GW system and have no issues running the backup on my domain servers and 3 of my 4 post office servers. On the post office server that is having issues every night when the Reload backup runs it either causes the PO server to reboot or causes it to hang and it is always while trying to backup the OFFILES directory. I don't believe Reload is the problem since it is successful on my other servers. I have run a rebuild on the post office database with no change. Is it possible that corrupt attachments in the OFFILES directory could cause this problem and if so how do I hunt them down and clean up the mess? At this point I'm tentatively scheduling down time this weekend for whatever suggestions I may receive here. Any and all is greatly appreciated. Thank you.