I am having a lot of issues with PCs running Windows Vista and Windows 7. Sometimes it doesn't completely login to all the drives, sometimes when I'm installing programs, it doesn't see the file on the drive that I just browsed to, sometimes I can't open a QuickBooks file that was previously saved by a PC running Windows XP, sometimes I can't see MS Excel .XLSX files, but I can see them in Windows XP, etc.. Or it can't open a Lotus 1-2-3 file using a Windows Vista or 7 PC, but I can easily do it with a Windows XP PC.

I'm running a OES 2 for SUSE Linux 10.2, with NSS file storage. I don't have any issues with Windows XP, but everyday I have these strange issues with PCs running Vista or Windows 7.

Any ideas? Is their a bug in the Novell Client for Windows 7? Does it drop the connections to the network? Is it a rights issue? Should I be changing some setting in the Novell Client? Do I need to upgrade to OES 2 for SUSE Linux 10 SP 3?

Do I need to downgrade all my PCs from Windows Vista and Windows 7 back to Windows XP where the programs still works?

When I fix a problem after talking with the program's tech support, the issue sometimes reappears in a hour. So I don't know if they fixed the problem by just rebooting, or maybe Windows Vista and Windows 7 is corrupting the programs databases?

I have noticed that when I install the Novell Client for Windows 2008 / Vista or Windows 7, and I have to select the "Tree" it doesn't find it on the first try, it usually finds it on the second try. If I reinstall the client, it doesn't find it at all, and I sometimes have to go and do a system restore and bring me back to a point before the reinstall of the client. So I'm guessing part of my problem is the network connection between Windows Vista / 7 and my Linux server. I have tried on a couple of PCs to go to "Service Location" and add the server's IP address in the "Directory Agent List" on the Novell Client Properties configuration, but that didn't help either.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you.