We have configured multiple proxies in a CERN hierarchy. From the
server I am able to resolve internal server names trough DNS. When the

clients try to access an Intranet site using www.mycompany.com the
request fails. When we type in www.mycompany.com/hompage.nsf the pagewill be displayed properly. As I found a remark in a very old TID (see

below) I entered the IP addresses and server names of the internal web

servers in the server's hosts file and then all works fine.
It looks like this problem still exist.

Any suggestions?

The Proxy settings are as follow:

Enable Cache Hierarchy enabled
Must only forward trough hierarchy enabled

Local Domains


DNS Forwarder fix problem w/ local domains (Last modified: 08OCT1998)

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One BM server (BM_S) as an ICP server and another BM server (BM_C) asan ICP client, with the BM_S server listed as it's parent, and the
"Must forward through hierarchy..." box selected. With the DNS
Forwarder fix (part of PROXY.NLM 1.08b and on), the BM_C will not tryto DNS resolve the name of the host identified in the browser's
request, but will rather pass that request up to the BM_S parent to be

resolved and for the request to be filled.

However, if you have a local domains list created on BM_C, requests to

servers in the domains listed should bypass the ICP hierarchy and be
filled directly by BM_C. In this situation, the BM_C server should bedoing DNS resolution.

We are finding that BM_C is resolving hostnames for requests matchingthe local domains list only if the hostname is found in the local
SYS:ETC\HOSTS file. But, the request fales and the browser times out
if the hostname has to be resolved through DNS by BM_C.

Duplication steps:
1-Create a BM_S server with ICP Server and Forward HTTP proxy enabled.

Verify that PROXY.NLM version 1.08g is installed. Verify that this
server can ping by name (load ping www.novell.com).

2-Create a BM_C server with Forward HTTP proxy enabled, ICP Client
enabled, the BM_S server listed as the parent, the "Must forward
through hierarchy" box enabled, and the local domains list containingthe single domain "novell.com". Verify that PROXY.NLM 1.08g is
installed. Verify that this server can ping by name (load ping

3-Set up browser so BM_C is the proxy server. Make requests to the

www.microsoft.com - Will work (as will any other non-novell site)
www.novell.com - Will fail
innerweb.novell.com - Will fail
support.novell.com - Will fail

4-Now add an entry for www.novell.com to the SYS:ETC\HOSTS file on the

BM_C server, and try the above sites again. The www.microsoft.com andwww.novell.com sites will work, but the others will fail.

5-Now remove the local domains listing so all requests are passed
through BM_S, and try the above sites again. All requests will

6-Now modify BM_C so that it no longer passes any requests through the

hierarchy, and try the above sites again. All requests will succeed.

This may also be a problem with Big Sur and needs to be tested. This
is definately a bug in FastCache for NetWare 5. The customer needs the

fix for BorderManager 2.1.

The customer found this because they have two BM servers. The client
uses a company internal DNS server that is not part of the Internet
DNS at all. The company local domain is listed in the local domains
list. But all other requests are passed up to a parent CERN firewall,which uses an Internet DNS server that doesn't know anything about the

companies private local domain. They must have this fix in order to
have their browsers access both the company hosts and the Internet


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