groupwise 801hp1 on netware 6.5sp8 cluster

Since the groupwise upgrade on clients to 801hp1 from 7 using setup.cfg autoupdate (installed over the top of existing 7 software), many XP clients have reported their groupwise freezing and crashing, or having to end it with CRTL-ALT-DEL - grpwise.exe often seems to be still open in processes and it doesn't pop up the warning from microsoft to send or not send....and ending it this way won't actually end the process.

So the result of this MS message not popping up is the entire PC freezes until the user end the grpwise and gwsync processes. In looking at the event log, in application, further details of the hung application error show that it hangs on faultrep.dll -- that appears to be the fault report from microsoft. This appears consistently in the log on the users reporting the problem.

On these PCs, I have uninstalled GW, used a cleanit tool from Novell, then reinstalled fresh but still have the problem. I don't even know if it is a groupwise problem, althought the faultrep.dll only hangs on groupwise. Some users need to end the process a dozen times a day.

I thought about just rolling them back to version 7 if I can't figure it out soon -- although all the features I bragged about and sold them on will not be there...