I have been using BMEE 3.6 for a year and we have been getting our
Windows updates and notifications automatically until December, when
the big flood of updates came in. After manually bringing everyting
up to date, we thought it was going to work fine.

But when new updates come out, our Win98 staff get the notification,
but the Win2000 and XP do not. I have an XP laptop that is used bothin and out of our LAN. It does not get the notifications when on ourLAN, but when I plug it into a public network, the notification comesright up. If I update manually by going to the WindowsUpdate site, it

works fine. I just don't get the notifications.

I spent some time bringing everything up to date. We are running
NW5.1 service pack 5 and BMEE3.6 service pack 2A. I added the TCPIP
and WSOCK updates after that. Still, I don't get the automatic update


I have read a lot about this in the forum and I read Craig's PROXY.CFG

file. I am not using Transparent Proxy or Terminal Servers. There
are only 2 Macs and they have no issues. I haven't seen anything
that I have not already tried. Is there still an issue or am I just
overlooking something? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Mark Rodgers