Hi all.

We are migrating an old Netware 6.0 server to new SLES 10 SP3 with OES 2 SP2a. I already migrated one volume and in this weekend well migrate the last, and most important, volume to new OES 2 server.

The problem is about some MS Access databases that are very very used for all users and some executable applications that was writed using fisical path like \\OLDSERVER\VOL\PATH\APP.EXE or some links to libraries, databases, images, etc.

The old NW 6.0 server will be removed from the tree in 2 or 3 weeks and in this time the two servers will co-exists. I want to know if it is possible redirect NCP requests to OLDSERVER to NEWSERVER without users rewrite all of MS Access and executable applications. Is it possible?


Alan Cota.