Is anyone using Arcserve 12.5 (Windows) and the Linux backup agent to backup an OES2 server with NSS volumes? I am in the process of going from NW to OES2 Linux and am testing Arcserve since I have used it for years with NW.

However, just doing what I believe is a normal backup of an OES2 volume, when I delete the folders/files and restore them to the NSS volume, the folder/file trustee assignments are gone. I assume Arcserve is not backing them up. For the restore, in the options, I have selected both of these:
Restore and Preserve Directory Attributes and Security Information
Restore and Preserve File Attributes and Security Information

Arcserve used to have a separate backup agent for OES a couple of years ago but I was not ready to move to OES at that time. Now they only have the Linux agent.

Am I missing something when I do my backup? Is there a way to get Arcserve to backup the trustee assignments?

Thanks, Bernie