My environment:
Server: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 running ZCM 10.2.2.
Test workstation: Dell GX270 running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3.

Manual imaging via the "Start ZENworks Imaging Maintenance" option in the "ZENworks Preboot Options" menu works perfectly if I specify the imaging server's ip address in the command line; i.e. "img -mp zcm-10-1.zmg -ip=" and "img -rp zcm-10-1.zmg -ip=" If I don't specify the ip address, the image process errors with the message listed below.

Additionally . . .

I have created two imaging bundles: One of a ZENworks image, and one of an imaging script.

First, I assigned the imaging bundle with the ZENworks image to the test workstation. It boots, loads the PXE Linux stuff, but doesn't begin the imaging process. Instead, it displays the following message:

"Novell ZENworks Imagine Engine v10.2.2.0
(c) Copyright 1999-2009, Novell, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Imaging operations assigned by
Elapsed time: 00:00
Unable to connect to preboot server. The Product license might have expired.

(LarryM Note: The section of text below does not appear when I attempt a manual imaging process. It only appears during the automated process.)

Novell SID Changer for linux
Version -- Copyright 2007 - 2009

Exiting: Computer has not been recently imaged."

The next weird thing: I disassociated the imaging bundle from the workstation, but the above stuff still happens. I expected it to stop. Should it?

The next weird thing: I associated the imaging script to the test workstation. Same thing happens: Linux loads, no imaging script, but the error message appears.


From the troubleshooting section, page 256, of the "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Preboot Services and Imaging Reference" (Version 10.2; August 17, 2009):

Unable to connect to Preboot Server. The Product license might have expired.

Source: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management; Preboot Services and Imaging.

Explanation: The error message is displayed while using PXE boot to perform imaging operations.

Possible Cause: The bootp parameters, which are not compatible with ZENworks imaging, are used to provide the boot filename and the TFTP server's IP address.

Action: While using PXE boot to perform imaging operations, use the novell-proxydhcp service.

I checked the ZCM server. The novell-proxydhcp service was not running. I started it; however, the problem persists.

So, I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing.