Hi there,
I recently had GW8 installed and we moved our staff over to the gw 8 client. Some of the staff wish to use their GW Client when they are off site through their own home ISP's. This is something I have not allowed before, and have just got people to use webmail.
From what I read, it seems that one just has to open and forward ports 1677/1678? I have opened TCP/UDP 1677 and 1678 on our firewall, and our router is setup to forward traffic from the public address to our internal IP. But there is no connection being made, and no error, except that the client eventually returns to the login screen.
I have other port forwarding on the router, and actually currently use the webmail facility successfully on the same server for port 443. I also temporally opened up port 80, and that worked fine from off site as well in a browser. But I just can't seem to communicate off site with the gw clients.
Any ideas? Am I missing a port or setting on our server?