I accidentally posted in GW7 so I am reposting with additional info

We are running NW65SP8 and the latest post NW SP8 patches
GW8SP1HP1 - with the /nodca switch enabled (now)

It is clustered - although we are keeping it a one node to try and fix
the issue. It is running in protected memory. If it fails it will
migrate to a second node. (more on that below)

Our problem is that the server grinds to a halt and can not keep up.It
appears that it is a quickfinder issue and quickfinder is utilizing
most of the server resources according to debug in Norm.

It is so bad that the Groupwise POA web status can not even load
properly in a browser.

We unload and reload the POA and that gets us going again in the

My question is should we clear all the indexes and start fresh with the
POA console command - ACTION-Quickfinder--clear and reset all indices

The Post office a little greater than 400 Gbytes and has about 25 Gbyte
free disk space. It ran fine before the upgrade to SP1 which it
started to use the GWDCA on netware. So it abended a few times before
I realized the pdf indexing issue. Then service packed both netware
and GW to the latest. Now it has the /nodca

Has anyone else seen this problem ?
Will killing the indices help or make it worse as far as cpu

What should I set the custom index flags to be so that it can index
while allowing the users to use the system?

Or Any other suggestions - Thanks Joe